Thursday, June 7, 2012

It is a

never ending quest if you ask me. What is? Life I mean. Specifically in terms of choosing something. Before I continue this post and lose you guys half way, let me just let you in my little quote to give you guys an idea of what this post is gonna be about.
Ironic how security only brings insecurity
 Have you guys ever wonder that we spend most of our times looking for something but because we want something so specific that we ended up with nothing? Yeah that's what I thought. Let me give you an example. I  used to work in Machines Sdn Bhd in Sunway Pyramid, earning RM8 per hour. I stopped working there around August in 2011 and I've spent 5 months looking for a better job. I want something secure, in this case, money. Now I'm in a dead end part time job in Pacific Coffee Company in Sunway Pyramid earning RM5 per hour. Amazingly, I'm loving it.

My dad once asked me when he saw the guards in my housing area. "Why are these guys here? If they are around, is there a guarantee that no robbery will happen here?" and it made me think. Of course not. But what can we do to prevent cases like that? We can hire a personal guard. But will that guarantee it? No? So we get a better lock for our houses. But will that guarantee it? No? So when will it end? I'll tell you when it ends. When we stop trying, and start living.

We can't worry about the same thing over and over again. Girls can't find a partner that is secure in terms of money, because there will always be a guy who has more money. Guys can't find a partner that is secure in terms of looks, cause there will always be a prettier girl. If you see a couple, did you ever think that the guy found the perfect girl or settles for her flaws? Live life people. By the minute. By the second. Don't waste your life on choosing and start settling for something.

PS: I got haters asking me why I write my blog like I'm some kind of psychologist or motivational speaker when I'm only taking diploma in Psychology. Because, in this blog, I am a psychologist. Live with it.

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