Friday, June 1, 2012

Espresso shots shots

shots. That's all I have been doing for the past month. Pulling shots at work. And to be honest, it's driving me nuts. Since I'm up and running still, and I'm bored with games (for a while), i thought maybe i should do some self disclosure.

You know how I always give advise and do's and don'ts in my blog, well let me tell you something about myself. I have trouble listening to advise. BOOM! I KNOW RIGHT! hahaha.

I always ask for advise from people but i have trouble following them. My younger brother called me just now and wanted my point of view on something. He said he couldn't take negative comments, no matter how true it is. He doesn't want to lose. And when i think about it, so am i!

But let me tell you guys another thing about me. I love to listen. I love to know how other perceives on a certain subject or matter. It interests me how advance a human brain can work and coming up with a certain point of view. Yes, I know that if you ASSUME, you're only gonna make an ASS out of U and ME.  But it's so interesting. Don't you guys think so?

One simple example. Turning the TV on before sleeping. Try creating a reason based on this action. That person may want to hear people talking before he can sleep or he's scared of the dark or he wants to dream about the show he's watching before he goes to sleep. There are thousands of possibilities. And all of it can be true.

So you see, even though i find it hard to follow people's advise, I still love to listen to them. Because I believe that the one thing that makes us special is the way we see things. And people, you are all special.

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