Friday, April 20, 2012

Now that I'm

back from a very long hiatus, I wanna share what I've been doing besides studying. Oh and also besides playing League of Legends. haha

 I've been making song covers. I know it sounds cheesy but let me tell you why I'm doing this. Besides from trying to test out my voice, I want to build up my self esteem. I don't know if you all notice but I'm a very shy guy. I couldn't do public speaking. On my first performance in MRSM, my voice didn't come out. I was playing "Time of your life" by Greenday but sadly no voice. hahahaha.

 Now, I can do presentations without stuttering, i can sing out in the open even though i sound like a frog with no vocal cords, and i can even perform on stage. Come on, I'm sure the idea of doing a cover crossed your minds once at least. Do it. It's fun!

 Visit my channel if you got the chance. please and thanks :D

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